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Thirty-second Sunday in Ordinary Time (C)

Liturgical Music

Official texts

  • Entrance Antiphon [Introit]:
    1. Intret oratio mea in conspectu tuo [Graduale Romanum, p.363]
    2. Intret oratio mea in conspectu tuo [Gregorian Missal, p.586]
    3. Let My Prayer Come Up (John Blow)
    4. Choose one Antiphona ad introitum and Psalmus from any of the eight Masses for Ordinary Time [Graduale simplex, pp.215-252]
    5. Let my prayer enter into your presence [Simple English Propers, p.334 (Adam Bartlett)]
    6. Let my prayer come before you [Simple Choral Gradual, p.253 (Richard Rice) CMAA]
    7. Let my prayer come into your presence [Lumen Christi Missal, p.944 (Adam Bartlett) Illuminare Publications]
    8. Allow My Prayer and Plea [tune: Saint Bride] from Introit Hymns 71 (Christoph Tietze)
  • Gradual (Responsorial Psalm):
    1. Dirigitus oratio mea [Graduale Romanum, p.363]
    2. Dirigitus oratio mea [Gregorian Missal, p.587]
    3. Dirigatur oratio mea (Moritz Brosig)
    4. Let My Prayer Come Up (John Blow)
    5. Choose one Psalmus responsorius from any of the eight Masses for Ordinary Time [Graduale simplex, pp.215-252]
    6. Chabanel Psalmody
    7. Parish Book of Psalms (Arlene Oost-Zinner)
  • Alleluia (Gospel Acclamation):
    1. (B/C) Qui posuit fines tuos pacem [Graduale Romanum, p.364]
    2. (B/C) Qui posuit fines tuos pacem [Gregorian Missal, p.588]
    3. Choose one Alleluia or Psalmus alleluiaticus from any of the eight Masses for Ordinary Time [Graduale simplex, pp.215-252]
  • Offertory:
    1. Gressus meos dirige Domine [Graduale Romanum, p.365]
    2. Gressus meos dirige Domine [Gregorian Missal, p.589]
    3. Choose one Antiphona ad offertorium and Psalmus from any of the eight Masses for Ordinary Time [Graduale simplex, pp.215-252]
    4. Guide my footsteps, O Lord [Simple English Propers, p.335 (Adam Bartlett)]
    5. Let my steps be guided [Simple Choral Gradual, p.254 (Richard Rice) CMAA]
    6. Choose one Offertory Antiphon from any of those suggested in #144-157 [Lumen Christi Missal, pp.945-949 (Adam Bartlett) Illuminare Publications]
  • Communion:
    1. (B/C) Dominus regit me [Graduale Romanum, p.365]
    2. (B/C) Dominus regit me [Gregorian Missal, p.590]
    3. (B/C) Dominus regit me [Communio, p.73 (Richard Rice) CMAA]
    4. Choose one Antiphona ad communionem and Psalmus from any of the eight Masses for Ordinary Time [Graduale simplex, pp.215-252]
    5. (B/C) The Lord is my shepherd [Simple English Propers, p.338 (Adam Bartlett)]
    6. (B/C) The Lord is my shepherd [Choral Communio, p.184 (Richard Rice) Hostia Laudis Co]
    7. The Lord is my shepherd [Simple Choral Gradual, p.255 (Richard Rice) CMAA]
    8. The Lord Is My Shepherd (Maurice Greene, George Alexander Macfarren)
    9. The disciples recognized the Lord [Simple Choral Gradual, p.256 (Richard Rice) CMAA]
    10. Choose one Communion Antiphon from any of those suggested in #158-186 [Lumen Christi Missal, pp.949-956 (Adam Bartlett) Illuminare Publications]
  • Mass settings:
    1. Latin Chant Masses VIII (De angelis) & XI (Orbis factor)
    2. Latin Gregorian Chant Masses XI (Orbis factor) & VIII (De angelis)
    3. Latin Missa sanctorum angelorum (Calvert Shenk)
    4. Latin Mass of Saint Jerome (Christopher Bord)
    5. Mass of Our Lady, Help of Christians (Richard Connolly)
    6. Mass of Saint Agnes (B. Andrew Mills)
    7. Mass of the Angels (Richard J. Clark)
    8. Mass of the Redemption (Calvert Shenk / Adam Taylor)
    9. Modal Mass (Calvert Shenk / Adam Taylor)

Other liturgical music


  • A Multitude Comes from the East and the West (WIII #688)
  • Christ Is Alive (WIII #466, PMB #79, CBW #504, CH #269)
  • Christ Is Arisen (CD #828)
  • Crown Him with Many Crowns (AH #481, CBW #549, CH #525, HPSC #145, ICEL #106, PMB #96, WIII #496, CHB #141, SMH #272, EH #352, VII #214)
  • For All the Saints (WIII #705, ICEL #189, HPSC #157, AH #590, HH #287, CBW #617, PMB #187, CH #336, CHB #166, SMH #297, EH #126, VII #263)
  • God Is My Great Desire (WIII #581, SMH #312)
  • How Firm A Foundation (CH #452, ICEL #193, WIII #585, HH #290, SMH #349, EH #564)
  • I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say (WIII #607, HPSC #192, ICEL #157, CH #453, AH #579, SMH #355, EH #424)
  • I Sought the Lord (WIII #593, VII #319)
  • Jesus, Lead the Way (WIII #611, EH #425)
  • Now Is Eternal Life (CD #902)
  • O God, Our Help in Ages Past (HPSC #241, WIII #579, ICEL #237, CBW #640, CH #457, PMB #128, HH #169, AH #624, CHB #249, SMH #446, EH #289, VII #203)
  • Praise the Lord, Ye Heavens, Adore Him (WIII #529, ICEL #243, HPSC #282, PMB #662, CBW #656, CH #573, CHB #259)
  • Sing of Christ, Proclaim His Glory (HPSC #302)
  • Sing with All the Sainst in Glory (CD #824)
  • Soul of My Savior (ICEL #146, CH #385, AH #522, HPSC #305, CHB #129, SMH #533, VII #297)
  • The Church's One Foundation (WIII #618, ICEL #202, HPSC #312, CBW #604, HH #282, AH #560, PMB #150, CH #489, CHB #187, SMH #552, EH #396)
  • The God of Abraham Praise (WIII #537, ICEL #239, HPSC #320, EH #285)
  • The King Shall Come When Morning Dawns (CH #430, HH #15, HPSC #325, PMB #12, WIII #373, SMH #565, EH #11)
  • The Living God My Shepherd Is (WIII #612, CD #831, CBW #690)
  • There's a Wideness in God's Mercy (WIII #595, ICEL #52, PMB #54, AH #613, CH #535, CHB #268, SMH #575, EH #304)
  • We Gather Together (PMB #234, WIII #760, HPSC #344, CH #558, SMH #596, EH #315)
  • When Jesus Came Preaching the Kingdom of God (WIII #614, CH #647)
AH = The Adoremus Hymnal, Ignatius Press
CBW = Catholic Book of Worship II / Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops
CD = Cantate Domino / Hymnal Supplement, GIA Publications, Inc.
CH = The Collegeville Hymnal, The Liturgical Press
CHB = The Catholic Hymn Book [London Oratory], Gracewing Publishers
EH = The Hymnal 1940 (Episcopal), used by many Anglican Use Roman Catholic parishes
HH = Hymnal of the Hours, GIA Publications, Inc.
HPSC = Hymns, Psalms & Spiritual Canticles, out of print but excellent
ICEL = ICEL Resource Collection, GIA Publications, Inc.
PMB = People's Mass Book, World Library Publications, Inc.
SMH = The Saint Michael Hymnal – 3rd Edition 2003, Saint Boniface Church, Lafayette IN
VII = Vatican II Hymnal, Corpus Christi Watershed
WIII = Worship, 3rd Edition, GIA Publications, Inc.

Choral Music

Organ Music

  • Butresses from Gothic Suite (Gordon Young)
  • Cantilena (Josef Rheinberger)
  • Canzona francese (Andrea Cima)
  • Chorale Prelude on Diademata (James Pethel) [The Sacred Organ Folio - Lorenz Publ Co]
  • Concert Variations on the Austrian Hymn (John Knowles Paine) [Collected Works - McAfee Music]
  • Crown Him with Many Crowns (Robert Crane) [Parish Organist XI - Concordia]
  • Crown Him with Many Crowns (Wilbur Held) [Hymn Preludes for the Pentecost Season - Concordia 97-5517]
  • Fanfare on Austrian Hymn (Gordon Young) [Collage for Organ - Flammer HF-5011]
  • Fantasy on the Hymn Tune Sine nomine (Edward G. Mead) [Flammer]
  • For All the Saints (G. Winston Cassler) [This Is the Victory - Augsburg 11-9497]
  • For All the Saints (Hugo Gehrke) [Parish Organist XII - Concordia]
  • For All the Saints (Charles Ore) [Eleven Compositions for Organ Bk 2 - Concordia 97-5385]
  • Foundation: Harmonization and Variations (Robin Rokey) [Organist's Companion, May 2001]
  • Gott der Vater wohn uns bei (J.S. Bach)
  • How Firm a Foundation (Edward Broughton) [Organist, September 1981]
  • How Firm a Foundation (George Lachenauer) [Organist's Companion, May 1995]
  • Hymn Prelude on Diademata (Peter Pindar Stearns) [Eight Hymn Preludes for Ascension & Pentecost - Flammer]
  • Hymn Prelude on In Babilone (Peter Pindar Stearns) [Eight Hymn Preludes for Ascension & Pentecost - Flammer]
  • Hymn to Joy (Wilbur Held) [Organist's Companion, August 1982]
  • Introduction and Processional for the Wedding Day (Gilbert Martin) [The Sacred Organ Folio - Lorenz Publ Co]
  • Jesus, Lead Thou On (J.S. Bach) [Parish Organist, Part 3 - Concordia]
  • Jesus, Lead Thou On (Paul Manz) [Parish Organist, Part 9: Wedding Music - Concordia]
  • Jesus, Lead Thou On (Max Reger) [Chorale Preludes for the Church Year - Carl Fischer]
  • Kremser (George Lachenauer) [Organist's Companion, September 1998]
  • Maestoso: Five Processionals (Calvert Shenk)
  • Now Thank We All Our God (Paul Manz) [Morning Star Publishers]
  • O God, Our Help in Ages Past (Heinrich Fleischer) [Wedding Music, Part II - Concordia 97-1370]
  • O Gott du frommer Gott (J.S. Bach)
  • Our God, Our Help in Ages Past (George T. Miles) [Parish Organist, Part 3 - Concordia]
  • Partita on Hymn to Joy (Charles Callahan) [Morning Star Music Publ]
  • Partita on Saint Anne (Paul Manz) [Concordia 97-5307]
  • Paspied on Kremser (Bill Cain) [Organist's Companion, September 2000]
  • Postlude on Hymn to Joy (Gordon Young) [Seven Chorale Preludes]
  • Postlude on In Babilone (Gordon Young) [Collage for Organ - Flammer HF-5011]
  • Postlude on Kremser (Dennis Johnson) [Organist's Companion, September 1991]
  • Prelude on Aurelia (James Pethel) [Consoliere V-2]
  • Prelude on Hymn to Joy (Michael Burkhardt) [Morning Star Music Publ]
  • Prelude on Leoni (Richard Proulx) [Augsburg]
  • Prelude on Rhosymedre" (Ralph Vaughan Williams)
  • Prelude on Saint Anne (Alfred Fedak) [Organist's Companion, June 1983]
  • Processional on Hymn to Joy (Alice Jordan) [Organist's Companion, August 1986]
  • Psalm XX (Benedetto Marcello)
  • Solemn Prelude on Leoni (Wilbur Held) [Organist's Companion, July 1989]
  • Sonata in c minor (Alexandre Guilmant)
  • The Beatitudes (Stephen McManus)
  • The Church's One Foundation (Paul Bunjes) [Parish Organist, Part 1 - Concordia]
  • The Church's One Foundation (James Mansfield) [Organist, July 1982]
  • The Church's One Foundation (Charles Ore) [Eleven Compositions for Organ Bk 3 - Concordia 97-5702]
  • The God of Abraham Praise (Fritz Lubrich) [Parish Organist XI - Concordia]
  • The King Shall Come (Paul Manz) [Parish Organist XII - Concordia]
  • The Kingsfold Trumpet (Alfred Fedak) [Organist's Companion, August 1987]
  • Three Variations on Kremser (Michael Sullivan) [Organist's Companion, October 1985]
  • Toccata on Saint Anne (Gordon Young) [Five Toccatas - Flammer HF-5009]
  • Toccata-Prelude on Saint Anne (Garth Edmundson) [J. Fischer & Bros]
  • Variations on a Theme by Beethoven (Joseph Lowe) [Organist's Companion, June 1985]
  • Variations on In Babilone (Raymond Haan) [Flammer]
  • Variations on Saint Anne (James Konkel) [Organist's Companion, January 2001]
  • Versets on Aurelia (Randolph Currie) [Organist's Companion, September 1994]
  • Voluntary on Kremser (Gordon Young)
  • Voluntary V (John Stanley)
  • Warum sollt ich mich denn grämen? (J.L. Krebs)
  • We Gather Together (Murray Bradshaw) [Organist's Companion, September 1992]
  • We Gather Together (J. William Greene)
  • We Gather Together (Wilbur Held) [Hymn Preludes for the Autumn Festivals - Concordia 97-5360]
  • We Gather Together (Lois Hill) [Organist's Companion, September 1999]
  • We Gather Together (Robin Rokey) [Organist's Companion, September 2001]
  • We Gather Together (Russell Schulz-Widmar) [Organist's Companion, October 1984]

Liturgical Hints & Ideas

The theology of the Eucharist is central to any understanding of liturgy, and close to the heart of Blessed John Paul II and Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI. The Catholic bishops of Pennsylvania have produced an excellent booklet called Questions and Answers on the Eucharist and have granted permission for us to reproduce excerpts here. Please contact the Communications Director for the Pennsylvania Catholic Conference for copies of the full booklet, or to obtain permission to reproduce excerpts. The mailing address and website are found at the end of this page.

How does the Eucharist make us God's people?

Just as individually we are brought into union with Christ through our participation in the paschal mystery and our share in the consecrated bread and wine, so the Church as the new people of God comes to be in its celebration of the Eucharist. We are a people made one with Christ and one with each other precisely in the Eucharist. It is for this reason that the Catechism teaches "the Eucharist is the efficacious sign and sublime cause of that communion in the divine life and that unity of the People of God by which the Church is kept in being" (1325).

Why should I attend Mass and receive the Eucharist?

Since we are constituted God's family — God's people — his Church — precisely by our participation in the Eucharist, we cannot grow into Christ's new body as a healthy and full member without sharing in the Eucharist. On each Sunday, which is a commemoration of the day Jesus rose from the dead, the faithful come together not only to profess the faith but also to renew the life of Christ within them. Not as individuals isolated from each other and related only to God but precisely as God's family interrelated to each other and through the Church related to God do we gather — made one in the Eucharist.

For this reason the Church calls upon believers to celebrate the great gift of God with us in the Eucharist every Sunday. To absent one's self from the Sunday Eucharist is to diminish one's own spiritual life — one's own communion with Christ's new body, the Church. We celebrate Eucharist as a faith family — as the Church — on Sunday because it in here that we find our identity, our unity and our very being as members of Christ's, body, members of his Church.

Copyright © 2000 Pennsylvania Catholic Conference
223 North Street, Box 2835, Harrisburg PA 17105
Reprinted with permission.

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