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Our Spring 2018 Catalog is Now Available!

We are very pleased to present to you our latest catalog of new music! A new liturgical setting for Ordinary Time, a number of new vocal settings for various times in the liturgical year, and new organ settings all come together in this most recent collection of new traditional music for the contemporary Church! We would like to especially welcome new CNP composer Jonathan Adams, who joins us with his lovely SATB anthem A Place Where Angels Sing.

It was with great sadness that we learned in early January of the passing of CNP composer Colin Brumby. Dr. Brumby has been a mainstay of our catalogs for many, many years - he joined us very early in our company's history, and has provided dozens of superbly well-written, high-quality pieces for voices. We are indebted to him for seeking us out and allowing us to publish so many of his lovely works! We are also very happy to say that more of his works are on the way (including two in this catalog). Our deepest condolences to Colin's family and friends!

Colin Brumby (1933-2018)
Requiescat in pace

New Liturgical Setting


Grace Was Poured Out upon Thy Lips

- Gary D. Penkala

This setting of the First Psalm at Evening Prayer for Monday during Week 2 of the Psalter alternates a Latin SAB antiphon with eight unison English verses. With uses in both the Liturgy of the Hours or as a choral setting, the music can be ideally matched to the time necessary for a Processional, an Offertory motet, or a Communion piece. Because Psalm 45 has Marian connotations, it is also appropriate for feasts of Our Lady.

New Vocal Works


Five Simple Anthems

- Colin Brumby

These five short, but extremely well-written unison and SATB pieces, span the liturgical year. The magic of these pieces is that almost any choir can enjoy an easy, but high-quality piece in the repertoire to maximize rehearsal time. Check out these mini-motets from CNP's Australian maestro!


The Seven Last Words of Christ

- Colin Brumby

This simple, yet beautiful setting of the seven traditional texts is extremely flexible. It can easily fit liturgically as the music during the Adoration of the Holy Cross on Good Friday, or it can be used with the optional organ introductions and doubling as motets throughout Lent.


A Place Where Angels Sing

- Jonathan Adams

Composed in very mildly dissonant contemporary style, this lovely SATB piece is a setting of the poem "Lord, Make My Heart A Place Where Angels Sing, by Anglican clergyman Rev. John Keble. Its frequent unison passages and impeccable voice leading make it a good piece for choirs interested in exploring more modern harmonies.


Vita mutator: Life Is Changed, Vol. 1

- ed. Gary D. Penkala

A collection of high quality music for your funeral choir! These unison and 2-part pieces are quality music that will not only bring comfort and support to the mourners, but will also contribute to the authentic beauty of the Funeral Liturgy.

New Organ Works


Toccata on 'Victimæ paschali laudes'

- Gary D. Penkala

If you are in need of an Eastertide postlude that is flashy but not overly difficult, then this piece is for you! Phrases of the Easter Sequence are tossed between pedal and manuals, alternating running sixteenth notes, contrapuntal eighth notes and chordal quarter notes.


Versets for 'Kyrie orbis factor'

- Fernand de la Tombelle

These four brief, contrapuntal organ versets are based on the Kyrie orbis factor from Missa XI for Sundays of the Year (Ordinary Time). They alternate with the phrases of the chant, sung by a schola, accompanied or a cappella, making this piece an excellent way to incorporate more Gregorian chant into your liturgies!

Seminarian Discount!

Seminarians have it rough. On one hand, the number of new things they are required to purchase for their studies is extensive, and the cost of the education itself is not cheap. At the same time, they are full-time students, most with no steady income, and they're not looking at a financially lucrative salary post-graduation to help pay their school debts.

As a very small way to assist with this problem, CNP now offers a 25% discount on all orders made by U.S. Roman Catholic seminarians. To qualify for this discount:

  1. On the order form or checkout page, check the box marked "Seminarian".
  2. Have your order shipped to a U.S. Roman Catholic seminary (including PNAC).

That's it! Once we have verified the address, we will send you a bill (either by US mail or email via Paypal - you choose) with the discount applied.

Limited PDF samples available

At your request, we have begun to add PDF samples for the pieces in our catalog. Currently, all of our pieces from the Fall 2009 and later catalogs include PDF samples, and several others have been added, as well. We will be adding new ones as we are able. Enjoy!

Limited audio samples now available

You asked for it, you got it...more or less. We now have a very limited selection of audio samples available for pieces in our catalog. We will be adding new ones as we are able.

Standing Order Service

Check out our Standing Order Service. With it, you get all the new CNP music, hot off the press, at a 10-15% discount!!

Shopping Online - Fast and Easy!!

To make ordering as fast and easy as possible we have added shopping cart technology to our online catalog. When you see a piece you like, add it to your shopping cart and when you're ready order, just check out. Everything else is done for you.

If you have any problems using the shopping cart, online help is provided. Any questions not addressed there may be sent to

As always, if you prefer you can use our Online Order Form, or make your order via e-mail, telephone, or US mail.

Enjoy shopping!!!

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