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A New CD of Advent and Christmas Choral Music!

Vespers Schola 

Vespers Schola: An Advent and Christmas Collection

- Mount Saint Mary Seminary, Emmitsburg MD

Here's an opportunity to get some Christmas shopping done early this year for all those on your shopping list who love sacred music! This beautiful CD of sacred music from the Advent and Christmas seasons was recorded in the Immaculate Conception Chapel at Mount Saint Mary University in Emmitsburg MD. It is sung by the Mount Saint Mary Seminary Vespers Schola and directed by Schola Director and Organist, Julia Parker.

A Guide to the Liturgy of the Hours for "The Rest of Us!"

The Everyday Catholic's Guide to the Liturgy of the Hours 

The Everyday Catholic's Guide to the Liturgy of the Hours

- Daria Sockey

The Liturgy of the Hours is the prayer of the Universal Church, but for many, the shear complexity of the mechanics of saying this prayer can be overwhelming. Add to that the difficulties in trying to include another set of prayers into our daily routine, and many of us give up before we even get started. This book by Daria Sockey is the answer: it helps you to start slowly and build a daily habit that can fit into even the busiest schedules.


Our Spring 2014 Catalog is Now Available!

Flexibility and versatility are the words that best describe our new Spring 2014 catalog. Whether you're looking for a short motet, a longer meditation piece or a liturgical setting, something for unison voices, SAB, 3-part equal voice, SATB or even SSATBB choir, we have new, exciting pieces for you. Please check them all out - your choir and congregation will be glad you did!!

New Musical!

Fr. Michael McGivney: The Musical 

Fr. Michael McGivney: The Musical

- Laura Galvin / Wendy Hodge

In this departure from our normal fare, CNP presents a short, original youth musical on the life of Venerable Michael McGivney, founder of the Knights of Columbus. This short musical, easy to produce, lasts only about 20 minutes. It could be part of a summer camp, be one grade's contribution to a school talent show, or be the opening for a K of C recruitment night.

The script traces the life of Fr. McGivney from 13 years of age through the founding of the Knights of Columbus, to his death in 1890 at age 38. He is seen as a studious seminarian, a fun-loving priest, and a holy man of God. A large part of the action is related by a narrator, making the speaking roles fairly easy to master.

New Liturgical Settings!

Easter Alleluia 

Easter Alleluia

- Andrew Motyka

Combine the Gregorian chant Alleluia from the Easter Vigil in metrical form with a flexible, but powerful arrangement, and you have a gospel acclamation for Easter that can be used whether you have only a cantor, congregation, and organ, an SATB choir to go with them, or even a brass quintet!

Ego sum vitis vera 

Ego sum vitis vera

- Anthony Corvaia Jr.

This SAB motet is equally appropriate as the Communion Proper for the Fifth Sunday of Easter or as a choral anthem at any time during Eastertide!

I Saw Water Flowing 

I Saw Water Flowing

- Matthew Koraus

If your parish is one of the many that has made the Rite of Blessing and Sprinkling Holy Water a standard part of your Eastertide Sunday liturgies, then this SATB setting of the traditional antiphon is for you!

New Vocal Works!

Adoramus te Christe 

Adoramus te, Christe

- Robert Boulware

This Latin, Lenten-themed, 3-part motet is carefully written to be extremely flexible and useful in a number of choral situations, from Middle School choirs with changing voices to full adult SATB ensembles.

Ave Regina caelorum 

Ave Regina caelorum

- Peter Latona

A refined neo-Renaissance motet for a cappella six-part choir (SSATBB) that combines the traditional Marian antiphon with superb writing in ranges and vocal placement that would make any choir sound "large".

O Crux ave 

O Crux ave

- Rev. David M. Friel

This a cappella motet for 3-part choir (either equal voices or SAB) can be used as both a brief choral antiphon during the end of Lent or, if combined with the five verses provided, an effective accompaniment to the Adoration of the Holy Cross on Good Friday.

On Your Cross 

On Your Cross

- Sr. Edith Scholl

Written in 3-parts originally for contemplative nuns, this beautiful meditation of the mystery of the Cross can be sung as either a short choral antiphon or as a longer meditation, using optional verses from Psalm 71.

Priusquam gallus cantet 

Priusquam gallus cantet

- Colin Brumby

Text from the Passion according to Saint Matthew is beautifully set here in neo-Renaissance style in this SATB motet that features wonderfully singable and well-crafted choral lines.

Regina caeli 

Regina cæli

- Adam Taylor

A joyful, triumphant SATB Easter motet! The structure of the traditional text is used here in rondo form with each phrase ending in a contrapuntal section of multiple Alleluias.

This Joyful Eastertide 

This Joyful Eastertide

- Alan Smith

This piece for unison voice(s) and organ is a tremendously versatile carol setting of the familiar Dutch carol, and is perfect for a soloist, children's choir or adult choir!


New Book from CMAA Available!

Parish Book of Chant 

Parish Book of Chant - Second Edition

- The Church Music Association of America

A truly handsome and valuable volume, the second edition of The Parish Book of Chant, edited and typeset by Richard Rice and published by CMAA, is now available from CanticaNOVA Publications. This book is a must for anyone who aspires to sing chant in the "average" Catholic parish. It's not intended for the Schola to sing the Propers — that would be the Graduale Romanum or Gregorian Missal. This is a compilation for the bookshelf of every choir director, for the choir loft of almost any church, and for the pew racks of the ambitious parish.

Seminarian Discount!

Seminarians have it rough. On one hand, the number of new things they are required to purchase for their studies is extensive, and the cost of the education itself is not cheap. At the same time, they are full-time students, most with no steady income, and they're not looking at a financially lucrative salary post-graduation to help pay their school debts.

As a very small way to assist with this problem, CNP now offers a 25% discount on all orders made by U.S. Roman Catholic seminarians. To qualify for this discount:

  1. On the order form or checkout page, check the box marked "Seminarian".
  2. Have your order shipped to a U.S. Roman Catholic seminary (including PNAC).

That's it! Once we have verified the address, we will send you a bill (either by US mail or email via Paypal - you choose) with the discount applied.

Limited PDF samples available

At your request, we have begun to add PDF samples for the pieces in our catalog. Currently, all of our pieces from the Fall 2009 and later catalogs include PDF samples, and several others have been added, as well. We will be adding new ones as we are able. Enjoy!

Limited audio samples now available

You asked for it, you got it...more or less. We now have a very limited selection of audio samples available for pieces in our catalog. We will be adding new ones as we are able.

Standing Order Service

Check out our Standing Order Service. With it, you get all the new CNP music, hot off the press, at a 10-15% discount!!

Shopping Online - Fast and Easy!!

To make ordering as fast and easy as possible we have added shopping cart technology to our online catalog. When you see a piece you like, add it to your shopping cart and when you're ready order, just check out. Everything else is done for you.

To accommodate as many of our online patrons as possible, our online shopping cart will work with Internet Explorer 3.0 or later, Netscape 2.0 or later, or any other browser that supports JavaScript 1.0. If you have any problems using the shopping cart, online help is provided. Any questions not addressed there may be sent to

As always, if you prefer you can use our Online Order Form, or make your order via e-mail, telephone, or US mail.

Enjoy shopping!!!

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