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Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary Time (B)

Liturgical Music

Official texts

Other liturgical music


  • All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name (WIII #494, ICEL #102, HH #285, PMB #99, CH #521, CHB #199, SMH #204, EH #355)
  • Faith of Our Fathers (WIII #571, ICEL #186, HPSC #152, CH #634, PMB #149, CBW #603, AH #603, CHB #183, SMH #294, EH #393)
  • Firmly I Believe and Truly (ICEL #92, CBW #533, CH #505, SMH #296)
  • From All Who Dwell below the Skies (ICEL #224, WIII #521, HH #176, CH #563, EH #277)
  • God, Whose Almighty Word (WIII #486, HH #190, CH #308)
  • He Healed the Darkness of My Mind (WIII #749)
  • Now Thank We All Our God (CBW #674, PMB #30, WIII #560, ICEL #235, HPSC #231, CBW #674, PMB #130, AH #607, CH #570, CHB #246, SMH #428, EH #276)
  • O Christ, the Great Foundation (WIII #618, CH #488)
  • O God, Our Help in Ages Past (HPSC #241, WIII #579, ICEL #237, CBW #640, CH #457, PMB #128, HH #169, AH #624, CHB #249, SMH #446, EH #289)
  • O Lord, You Know Our Weakness (PMB #47)
  • O Praise Ye the Lord (HPSC #259, CBW #649, WIII #539, ICEL #238, CD #906, CHB #253)
  • Praise, My Soul, the King of Heaven (WIII #530, HPSC #279, ICEL #242, CBW #650, PMB #123, AH #611, CHB #258, CH #513, SMH #495, EH #282)
  • Praise the Lord, Ye Heavens, Adore Him (WIII #529, ICEL #243, HPSC #282, PMB #662, CBW #656, CH #573, CHB #259)
  • Thanks Be to You, O God (PMB #141)
  • To God Our Father, Builder and Creator (CD #910)
  • Your Hands, O Lord, in Days of Old (WIII #750)
AH = The Adoremus Hymnal, Ignatius Press
CBW = Catholic Book of Worship II / Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops
CD = Cantate Domino / Hymnal Supplement, GIA Publications, Inc.
CH = The Collegeville Hymnal, The Liturgical Press
CHB = The Catholic Hymn Book [London Oratory], Gracewing Publishers
EH = The Hymnal 1940 (Episcopal), used by many Anglican Use Roman Catholic parishes
HH = Hymnal of the Hours, GIA Publications, Inc.
HPSC = Hymns, Psalms & Spiritual Canticles, out of print but excellent
ICEL = ICEL Resource Collection, GIA Publications, Inc.
PMB = People's Mass Book, World Library Publications, Inc.
SMH = The Saint Michael Hymnal, 3rd Edition, Saint Boniface Church, Lafayette IN
WIII = Worship, 3rd Edition, GIA Publications, Inc.

Choral Music

  • Fac cum servo tuo (William Byrd)
  • From All That Dwell (Colin Brumby)
  • Great Thou Art; (Robert Roesch)
  • He Watching Over Israel from Elijah (Felix Mendelssohn)
  • He Who with Weeping Soweth (Heinrich Schütz) [Lawson Gould]
  • O Render Thanks and Bless the Lord (Thomas Clark)
  • Praise the Lord, Ye Servants (Richard Peek)
  • Remember Your Love for Me, O God (Eugene Englert)
  • Si consistant (Josef von Eybler)
  • They That Sow in Tears (J.L. Bach) [Concordia]
  • They Who Grieving Soweth (J.H. Schein) [Bourne]
  • When the Lord Turned Again (Adrian Batten) [Oxford]
  • Who with Grieving Soweth (J.H. Schein) [Mercury]
  • Who with Weeping Soweth (John Antes) [Boosey & Hawkes]

Organ Music

  • Allein zu dir, Herr Jesu Christ (J.S. Bach, Johann Pachelbel)
  • All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name (Heinrich Fleischer) [Parish Organist, Part 1 - Concordia]
  • Built on a Rock (Paul Manz)
  • Butresses from Gothic Suite (Gordon Young)
  • Chorale Prelude on Duke Street (Robert J. Powell) [American Organ Music, Vol 2 - Sacred Music Press]
  • Concert Variations on the Austrian Hymn (John Knowles Paine) [Collected Works]
  • Duke Street (Mark Albrecht) [Organist's Companion, March 2002]
  • Faith of Our Fathers (Jack C. Goode) [Organist's Companion, October 1983]
  • Faith of Our Fathers (Burton Isaac)
  • Fanfare on Austrian Hymn (Gordon Young) [Collage for Organ - Flammer HF-5011]
  • Fanfare on Lauda anima (Robert Hughes) [Organist, January 1982]
  • Festive Prelude on Coronation (Janet Correll) [Organist's Companion, March 1991]
  • Hymn Prelude on Melita (Peter Pindar Stearns) [Consoliere VII-2 - World Library Publ]
  • Italian Hymn (Robin Dinda) [Organist's Companion, June 1987]
  • Italian Hymn (Lois Hill) [Organist's Companion, May 1998]
  • Italian Hymn (David Schack) [Organist's Companion, October 1981]
  • Llangloffan (George Lachenauer) [Organist's Companion, September 2001]
  • Now Thank We All Our God (Jan Bender) [Parish Organist, Part 9: Wedding Music - Concordia]
  • Now Thank We All Our God (Wilbur Held) [Hymn Preludes for the Autumn Festivals - Concordia 97-5360]
  • Now Thank We All Our God (Paul Manz) [Five Hymn Improvisations for Wedding or General Use - Morning Star Music Publ 10-850]
  • Now Thank We All Our God (Paul Manz) [Improvisations on Hymns of Praise - Morning Star Music Publ 10-750]
  • Now Thank We All Our God (Piet Post) [Triptych for Organ - Augsburg]
  • Now Thank We All Our God (David Schack) [Nine Chorale Preludes - Concordia 97-5045]
  • Nun danket alle Gott (J.S. Bach) [Orgelwerke VII - Peters 246]
  • Nun danket alle Gott (J.S. Bach) from Cantate No.79 [Mercury Music W-142; H.W. Gray Publ - St.Cec.No.868]
  • Nun danket alle Gott (Dieterich Buxtehude) [Joyce Jones Christmas Album]
  • Nun danket alle Gott (Lois Hill) [Organist's Companion, September 1995]
  • Nun danket alle Gott (Sigfrid Karg-Elert) [Wedding Music, Part II - Concordia 97-1370]
  • Nun danket alle Gott (G.F. Kaufmann) [Eighty Chorale Preludes - Peters 4448]
  • Nun danket alle Gott (J.C. Kellner) [Organist's Companion, September 1994]
  • Nun danket alle Gott (M.F.A. Koehler) [Organist's Companion, October 1986]
  • Nun danket alle Gott (Michael Krentz) [Organist's Companion, September 1991]
  • Nun danket alle Gott (Selmar Müller) [Organist's Companion, October 1983]
  • Nun danket alle Gott (J.C. Oley) [Seasonal Chorale Preludes for Manuals, Bk 2 - Oxford]
  • Nun danket alle Gott (Max Reger) [Thirty Short Chorale Preludes - Peters 3980]
  • Nun danket alle Gott (J.E. Rembt) [Organist's Companion, September 1989]
  • O God, Our Help in Ages Past (Heinrich Fleischer) [Wedding Music, Part II - Concordia 97-1370]
  • Our God, Our Help in Ages Past (George T. Miles) [Parish Organist, Part 3 - Concordia]
  • Partita on Duke Street (Donald Rotermund) [Concordia]
  • Partita on Saint Anne (Paul Manz) [Concordia 97-5307]
  • Pastorale on Trinity (Richard Proulx) [Consoliere V-2]
  • Praise, My Soul, the King of Heaven (J.L. Adam) [Parish Organist XI - Concordia]
  • Prelude and Chorale: Now Thank We All Our God (G.F. Kauffmann) [Consoliere IV-4 - World Library Publ]
  • Prelude and Chorale on Duke Street (David Schack) [Organist's Companion, April 1980]
  • Prelude and Fugue in f-sharp minor (Dieterich Buxtehude)
  • Prelude in the Viennese Classical Style on Mozart (Randolph Currie) [Organist's Companion, September 2000]
  • Prelude on Aurelia (James Pethel) [Consoliere V-2]
  • Prelude on Brother James' Air (Harold Darke)
  • Prelude on Coronation (Edward Mead) [Three Preludes]
  • Prelude on Saint Anne (Alfred Fedak) [Organist's Companion, June 1983]
  • Prelude on Saint Catherine (James F. Konkel) [Organist's Companion, September 1992]
  • Psalm XIX (Benedetto Marcello)
  • Reflection on Saint Catherine (Alice Jordan) [Organist's Companion, October 1984]
  • Rigaudon (André Campra)
  • Saint Catherine (David S. Harris) [Ten Hymn Preludes in Trio Style - Belwin-Mills]
  • Suite for Worship on Truro and Duke Street (G.W. Cassler) [Organist's Companion, April 1985]
  • Tiento di sexto tono (de Soto)
  • Toccata on Duke Street (Gilbert Martin) [The Sacred Organ Folio - Lorenz Publ Co]
  • Toccata on Saint Anne (Gordon Young) [Five Toccatas - Flammer HF-5009]
  • Toccata-Prelude on Saint Anne (Garth Edmundson) [J. Fischer & Bros]
  • Twenty-four Brief Orisons (Calvert Shenk)
  • Variations on Duke Street (Randolph Currie) [Organist's Companion, March 1996]
  • Variations on Nun danket alle Gott (Stephen McManus)
  • Variations on Saint Anne (James Konkel) [Organist's Companion, January 2001]
  • Versets on Aurelia (Randolph Currie) [Organist's Companion, September 1994]
  • Wer nur den lieben Gott lässt walten (J.S. Bach)

Liturgical Hints & Ideas

During Ordinary Time in Year B we will highlight passages from the new General Instruction on the Roman Missal (GIRM) that pertain to music during the liturgy. The GIRM contains rubrics and instructions (some of them new) for the celebration of the Mass. The first section below is a direct quote from the English translation of the document. The second section is a commentary on the passage.

Arrangement of the Sanctuary (GIRM #309) — The Ambo

… From the ambo only the readings, the Responsorial Psalm and the Easter Proclamation (Exsultet) are to be proclaimed; likewise it may be used for giving the Homily for announcing the intentions of the Universal Prayer. The dignity of the ambo requires that only a minister of the word should stand at it.

Commentary: There is one focus for Sacred Scriptures in the sanctuary — the ambo. All Scripture (including the Responsorial Psalm) as well as the highly-honored Exsultet should be proclaimed from there. Nothing else, save the Homily and Universal Prayer [Prayer of the Faithful], may be read there. Thus, the cantor sings the Responsorial Psalm from the ambo, but everything else (Entrance Chant, Gloria, Gospel Acclamation, Sanctus, Agnus Dei, Communion Chant, etc.) is sung from elsewhere (e.g. the cantor's stand). No one uses the ambo for announcements, themes, special talks or other texts wanting a "convenient" microphone. The ambo is privileged and set apart for ordained ministers and appointed readers/psalmists.

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