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Music Suggestions
The Seventh Sunday of Easter (C)

Liturgical Music

Official texts

Other liturgical music


  • Alleluia! Sing to Jesus (HPSC #112, ICEL #130, WIII #737, CBW #536, AH #601, PMB #663, CH #504, CHB #112, SMH #213, EH #347, VII #277)
  • Ascend Your Throne, O Righteous One (Kathleen Pluth) from Hymns for the Liturgical Year
  • Christ the Lord Is Risen Today (WIII #463, HPSC #131, CBW #499, AH #415, CH #289, CHB #76, SMH #259/60, EH #95, VII #246)
  • God Is My Strong Salvation (HPSC #165, ICEL #208, CH #646, HH #302)
  • Hail Thee, Festival Day (AH #414, CBW #509, CH #274, HPSC #179, PMB #78, WIII #444, SMH #333, EH #86/102/107)
  • O Holy Spirit, By Whose Breath (CBW #518, PMB #92, WIII #475, CBW #518, HH #145)
  • Rejoice the Lord Is King (WIII #493, ICEL #108, HPSC #290, HH #181, CBW #645, CH #515, CHB #261, SMH #510, EH #350)
  • Safe in the Hands of God (HPSC #291)
  • Send Down Your Truth, O God (ICEL #215, HH #214, CBW #520)
  • The Strife Is O'er (WIII #451, ICEL #77, PMB #68, HH #131, CBW #503, AH #413, CH #276, CHB #83, SMH #570, EH #91)
  • This Is the Lord's Day (Kathleen Pluth) from Hymns for the Liturgical Year
  • We Know That Christ Is Raised (WIII #721, CH #283)
  • Ye Servants of God (CD #911, CH #519, HPSC #357)
AH = The Adoremus Hymnal, Ignatius Press
CBW = Catholic Book of Worship II / Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops
CD = Cantate Domino / Hymnal Supplement, GIA Publications, Inc.
CH = The Collegeville Hymnal, The Liturgical Press
CHB = The Catholic Hymn Book [London Oratory], Gracewing Publishers
EH = The Hymnal 1940 (Episcopal), used by many Anglican Use Roman Catholic parishes
HH = Hymnal of the Hours, GIA Publications, Inc.
HPSC = Hymns, Psalms & Spiritual Canticles, out of print but excellent
ICEL = ICEL Resource Collection, GIA Publications, Inc.
PMB = People's Mass Book, World Library Publications, Inc.
SMH = The Saint Michael Hymnal – 3rd Edition 2003, Saint Boniface Church, Lafayette IN
VII = Vatican II Hymnal, Corpus Christi Watershed
WIII = Worship, 3rd Edition, GIA Publications, Inc.

Choral Music

  • Alleluia, O Praise the Lord Most Holy (J.S. Bach) [Concordia]
  • Alleluia, Song of Gladness (Plainsong) [GIA Publications]
  • Bless the Lord, My Soul (J.S. Bach) [Flammer]
  • Bless the Lord, O My Soul (M. Ippolitov-Ivanov) [G. Schirmer]
  • Christo resurgenti (François Couperin)
  • Come, Bless Ye the Lord (G.P. Telemann)
  • Concentus gaudii: Cantate Domino (J. William Greene)
  • Domine Fili unigenite from Gloria in D (Antonio Vivaldi)
  • Easter Psalm (Gary Penkala)
  • Glorious Is the Lord (F.J. Haydn)
  • God Is Gone Up with a Merry Noise (William Croft)
  • Great Thou Art (Robert Roesch)
  • Humbly I Adore Thee (J. David Hart)
  • I Am the Root and the Branch of David (J.H. Schein)
  • I Will Not Leave You Comfortless (William Byrd, Everett Titcomb)
  • Non vos relinquam orphanos (Ignazio Donati) [Oxford]
  • O God, the King of Glory (Henry Purcell) [GIA Publications]
  • One Thing I Ask of the Lord (Heinrich Schütz)
  • Praise the Lord, O My Soul (Thomas Tomkins) [Novello]
  • Regina coeli laetare (Gregor Aichinger / Angelini)
  • Regina coeli (Gregorian chant) [Liber usualis, p.278] — or — [CNP Booklet of Chant, Volume 2]
  • Regina coeli (Antonio Lotti, Soriano)
  • The Lord Is My Light (Heinz Werner Zimmerman)
  • The Lord Is My Light and My Salvation (Eugene Englert) [GIA Publications]
  • The Master's Rejoicing (James Stanley)
  • Two Easter Anthems (Colin Brumby)

Organ Music

  • Au cénacle (Dom Paul Benoit) from Esquisses liturgiques [J. Fischer & Bros.]
  • Carillon (Louis Vierne)
  • Christ Is Arisen (Camil van Hulse) [Seven Preludes on Hymns for Easter - Concordia 97-1390]
  • Christ Is Arisen (Samuel Scheidt) [Parish Organist, Part 1 - Concordia]
  • Christ Is Our Cornerstone (George T. Miles) [Parish Organist, Part 1 - Concordia]
  • Christ ist erstanden (Heinrich Bach) [Church Organist's Golden Treasury I - Oliver Ditson Co]
  • Christ ist erstanden (J.S. Bach) [Orgelbüchlein] [Church Organist's Golden Treasury I - Oliver Ditson Co]
  • Christ ist erstanden (Hans Buchner) [Organist's Companion, March 1990]
  • Christ ist erstanden; (J.K.F. Fischer) [Eighty Chorale Preludes - Peters 4448] [Church Organist's Golden Treasury I - Oliver Ditson Co]
  • Christ ist erstandent; (J.K.F. Fischer) [Parish Organist, Book 8 - Concordia 97-1404] [Organist's Companion, April 1988]
  • Christ ist erstanden (J.E. Habert) [Organists' Companion, April 1984]
  • Christ ist erstanden (J.G. Herzog) [Organist's Companion, March 1993]
  • Christ the Lord Is Risen Today (Sharon E. Rogers) [American Organ Music, Vol 2 - Sacred Music Press]
  • Duet and Trio on Hyfrydol [Organist's Companion, August 1982]
  • Easter Fanfare (Colin Mawby)
  • Fanfare on The Strife Is O'er (Alec Wyton) [Preludes, Fanfares & a March for the Liturgical Year - Flammer]
  • Fantaise über Christ ist erstanden (H.R. Basler) [Die Orgel im Kirchenjahr - Cron Luzern EC 270]
  • Heute triumphiret Gottes Sohn (J.S. Bach) from Orgelbüchlein
  • Hyfrydol (Lois Hill) [Organist's Companion, November 1999]
  • Intonation on Palestrina (Jan Bender) [Organist's Companion, April 1983]
  • Maestoso: Five Processionals (Calvert Shenk)
  • O Heiliger Geist, o Heiliger Gott (J.C.F. Fischer) [Church Organist's Golden Treasury III - Oliver Ditson Co]
  • Partita on Awake, My Heart, with Gladness (Flor Peeters)
  • Piece for Easter (Jan Bender) [Organist's Companion, April 1982 - McAfee Music Corp]
  • Prelude & Harmonization on Victory (Don Freudenburg) [Organist's Companion, March 1992]
  • Prelude on Hyfrydol (Paul Manz) from Improvisatons on Great Hymns of Faith [Morning Star Music Publishers #10-839]
  • Prelude on Hyfrydol (Iteke Prins) [Organist's Companion, March 2002]
  • Prelude on Hyfrydol (Ralph Vaughan Williams) [Three Preludes on Welsh Hymn Tunes - Galaxy Music Corp]
  • Prelude on Hyfrydol (Healey Willan) [Ten Hymn Preludes, Set I - Peters 6011]
  • Prelude on In Babilone (Paul Manz) from Improvisatons for Pentecost and Trinity Sunday [Morning Star Music Publishers #10-500]
  • Regina cæli (Hermann Schroeder) from Die Marianischen Antiphonen [Edition Schott #4538]
  • Surgit in hæc dies (Carolyn Sternowksi) [Organist's Companion, March 1996]
  • The Strife Is O'er (G. Winston Cassler) [Organist's Companion, April 1986]
  • The Strife Is O'er (G. Winston Cassler) [This Is the Victory - Augsburg 11-9497]
  • The Strife Is O'er (Wilbur Held) from Six Preludes on Easter Hymns [Concordia 97-5330]
  • The Strife Is O'er, the Battle Done [Parish Organist, Book 8 - Concordia 97-1404]
  • This Joyful Eastertide (June Nixon)
  • Toccata and Variation on Hyfrydol (Gordon Young) [American Organ Music, Vol 2 - Sacred Music Press]
  • Toccata on Darwall(Dennis R. Johnson) [Organist's Companion, July 1999]
  • Victory (G. Winston Cassler) [Organist's Companion, April 1987]
  • Victory (Robin Dinda) [Organist's Companion, March 1991]

Liturgical Hints & Ideas

This Sunday lies between Ascension and Pentecost and allows us to celebrate that time of hope-filled longing for the Spirit — a kind of "mini-Advent" in the midst of Easter. Do not stop singing Easter hymns... Easter really, really does last until Pentecost — and your music should say so. Musical references to the Holy Spirit can reinforce the proximity of Pentecost.

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