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Music Suggestions
The Ascension of Our Lord (EF)

Liturgical Music

Official texts

  • Introit:
    1. Viri Galilaéi [Liber Usualis p.846-847]
    2. Viri Galilaéi [Graduale Romanum p.285-286]
    3. Viri Galilaéi [Gregorian Missal p. 381]
    4. Viri Galilaéi (chant)
    5. Viri Galilaéi by various composers
  • 1st Alleluia:
    1. Ascéndit Déus [Liber usualis, p.848]
    2. Ascéndit Déus [Graduale Romanum p.286]
    3. Ascéndit Déus [Gregorian Missal p. 382]
    4. Ascéndit Déus (chant)
    5. Ascéndit Déus by various composers
  • 2nd Alleluia:
    1. Dóminus in Sína [Liber usualis, p.848]
    2. Dóminus in Sína [Graduale Romanum p.286]
    3. Dóminus in Sína [Gregorian Missal p. 383]
    4. Dóminus in Sína (chant)
    5. Dóminus in Sína by Heinrich Isaac
  • Offertory:
    1. Ascéndit Déus [Liber usualis, p.849]
    2. Ascéndit Déus [Graduale Romanum p.287]
    3. Ascéndit Déus [Gregorian Missal p. 389-390]
    4. Ascéndit Déus (chant)
    5. Ascéndit Déus by various composers
  • Communion:
    1. Psállite Dómino [Liber usualis, p.849]
    2. Psállite Dómino [Graduale Romanum p.287]
    3. Psállite Dómino [Gregorian Missal p. 386]
    4. Psállite Dómino (chant)
    5. Psállite Dómino by various composers
  • Mass settings:
    1. Mass I "Lux et origo" [Liber usualis, p.16-19]
    2. Credo I [Liber usualis, p.64-66]
    3. Mass I "Lux et origo" [Graduale Romanum, p.4-7* in back of book]
    4. Credo I [Graduale Romanum, p.59-61* in back of book]
    5. Mass I (Lux et origo)
    6. Credo I

Other liturgical music


  • A Hymn of Glory Let Us Sing (WIII #469, HH #136, SMH #400, VII #359, LCH #74)
  • All Nations Clap Your Hands (HPSC #106, CH #559, SMH #417)
  • Ascend Your Throne, O Righteous One (Kathleen Pluth) from Hymns for the Liturgical Year
  • Go Make of All Disciples (WIII #628, CH #635)
  • God of Gods, We Sound His Praises (HPSC #166)
  • Hail, O Once Despised Jesus (HPSC #175, EH #357)
  • Hail the Day That Sees Him Rise (WIII #471, ICEL #82, HH #139, HPSC #176, CBW #512, AH #430, CH #295, CBH #87, SMH #552, EH #104, VII #252, LCH #73)
  • Hail Thee, Festival Day (AH #414, CBW #509, CH #274, HPSC #179, PMB #78, WIII #444, SMH #553, EH #86/102/107)
  • Look, O Look, the Sight Is Glorious (WIII #468, EH #105)
  • Lord, Enthroned in Heavenly Splendor (CD #893, CH #545, CHB #121, VII #301)
  • Lord, You Gave the Great Commission (WIII #470, HPSC #597, CH #639)
  • Praise Him As He Mounts the Skies (CBW #513, CH #296)
  • Rejoice, Angelic Choirs (WIII #455, HH #104)
  • See the Conqueror Mounts in Triumph (AH #431, CBH #89, EH #103, SMH #743)
  • Sing We Triumphant Hymns of Praise (ICEL #81, CBW #508, CH #273, SMH #753)
  • Thine Is the Glory (CD #829)
  • This Is the Lord's Day (Kathleen Pluth) from Hymns for the Liturgical Year
AH = The Adoremus Hymnal, Ignatius Press
CBW = Catholic Book of Worship II / Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops
CD = Cantate Domino / Hymnal Supplement, GIA Publications, Inc.
CH = The Collegeville Hymnal, The Liturgical Press
CHB = The Catholic Hymn Book [London Oratory], Gracewing Publishers
EH = The Hymnal 1940 (Episcopal), used by many Anglican Use Roman Catholic parishes
HH = Hymnal of the Hours, GIA Publications, Inc.
HPSC = Hymns, Psalms & Spiritual Canticles, out of print but excellent
ICEL = ICEL Resource Collection, GIA Publications, Inc.
LCH = Lumen Christi Hymnal, Illuminare Publications
PMB = People's Mass Book, World Library Publications, Inc.
SEC = Saint Edmund Campion Missal & Hymnal, Corpus Christi Watershed
SMH = The Saint Michael Hymnal – 4th Edition 2011, Saint Boniface Church, Lafayette IN
WIII = Worship, 3rd Edition, GIA Publications, Inc.

Choral Music

  • Alleluia (William Boyce) [GIA Publications]
  • Alleluia, Ascendit Deus (William Byrd)
  • Ascendit Deus (Jacob Gallus) [Augsburg]
  • Blessed Be the Lord (Eugene Englert)
  • Dixit Dominus from Solemn Vespers of a Confessor (W.A. Mozart)
  • Easter Psalm (Gary Penkala)
  • Finished the Strife (Ottomanyi)
  • Gloria in excelsis Deo from Mass in D (Antonin Dvorak)
  • Go Ye Therefore (Robert Jordahl) [Kjos]
  • God Is Gone up with A Merry Noise (William Croft)
  • God Mounts His Throne (Leo Sowerby)
  • Great Is the Lord (Healey Willan)
  • Hallelujah, Amen from Judas Maccabeus (G.F. Handel)
  • How Lovely Are the Messengers from Saint Paul (Felix Mendelssohn)
  • Now Glad of Heart (Paul Langston) [Howard Publications]
  • O Clap Your Hands (François Couperin, Orlando Gibbons, Maurice Greene, John Rutter, Ralph Vaughan Williams, Malcolm Archer)
  • Te Deum laudamus (Calvert Shenk)
  • The Earth Is the Lord's (Paul Langston) [Howard Publications]
  • The Heavens Are Telling from The Creation (F.J. Haydn)
  • The King Ascendeth into Heaven (Healey Willan) [Concordia]
  • To Realms of Glory (Schein / Nelson) [Augsburg]
  • Viri Galilaei (Gregorian chant, William Byrd)

Organ Music

  • Agincourt Hymn (John Dunstable) [Treasury of Early Organ Music - Mercury Music Corp]
  • Christ the Lord Is Risen Today (Hermann Schroeder) [Parish Organist, Book 8 - Concordia 97-1404]
  • Christ the Lord Is Risen Today (Carlos Staszeski) [Organist's Companion, March 1999]
  • Christ Triumphant (John Marsh)
  • Deo gracias" (David Polley) [Organist's Companion, November 1996]
  • Entrance Flourish from Village Suite (Tim Knight)
  • Erschienen ist from Five Chorale Preludes (Colin Brumby)
  • Festival Flourish from Music for a Festive Occasion (Tim Knight)
  • Fugue in G (Jig) (J.S. Bach)
  • Hymn Prelude on Llanfair (Peter Pindar Stearns) [Eight Hymn Preludes for Ascension & Pentecost - Flammer]
  • Like the Golden Sun (Max Reger) from Chorale Preludes for the Church Year, Opus 67 [Carl Fischer Co.]
  • Llanfair (David Schack) [Organist's Companion, April 1981]
  • Maestoso: Five Processionals (Calvert Shenk)
  • O Love How Deep (Paul Manz) [Improvisations on Great Hymns of Faith - Morning Star Music Publ 10-839]
  • On Christ's Ascension I Now Build (Max Reger) from Chorale Preludes for the Church Year, Opus 67 [Carl Fischer Co.]
  • Poco vivace from Six Short Pieces (Hermann Schroeder)
  • Prelude on Bryn Calfaria (Paul Manz) from Improvisations for the Easter Season [Morning Star Music Publishers #10-402]
  • Prelude on Bryn Calfaria (Ralph Vaughan Williams)
  • Prelude on Deo gracias (Healey Willan) [Ten Hymn Preludes for Organ, Set II - Peters]
  • Prelude on Neander (Paul Manz) from Ten Chorale Improvisations, Set I [Concordia #97-4554]
  • Prelude on Werde munter (Paul Manz) from Ten Chorale Improvisations, Set IV [Concordia #97-4951]
  • Toccata in b minor (Eugene Gigout)
  • Variations on Lasst uns erfreuen (Thomas Bohlert) [Organist's Companion, June 1988]

Psalm numbering is according to the Latin Vulgate Bible.

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