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Liber cantualis

- Monks of Abbaye Saint-Pierre de Solesmes, France

Use: Liturgical Year
Required Resources: Unison voices
Language: Latin

The Liber cantualis is an excellent resource for the beginning Schola. The book contains the complete Order of Mass, seven chant Masses, the Requiem Mass, four sequences and 40 familiar hymns and other chants — truly some basic music that every congregation should hear (and sing!).

The music is in chant notation, but without the florid melismas of more complicated chants, so the selections in the book are easier to read.

Contents (118 pages):

  • The Order of Mass
    • Introductory Rites
    • Liturgy of the Word
    • Liturgy of the Eucharist
    • Communion
    • Concluding Rites
  • Asperges me [solemn]
  • Asperges me [simple]
  • Vidi aquam [solemn]
  • Vidi aquam [simple]
  • Missa primitiva (this is the common simple Mass found in many worship aids)
  • Missa I (lux et origo)
  • Missa IV (cunctipotens)
  • Missa VIII (de angelis)
  • Missa IX (cum jubilo)
  • Missa XI (orbis factor)
  • Missa XVII (Advent & Lent)
  • Credo III
  • Missa pro defunctis (Requiem Mass)
  • Sequences
    Victimæ paschali laudes [Easter]
    Veni Sancte Spiritus [Pentecost]
    Lauda Sion (excerpt beginning Ecce panis... [Corpus Christi]
    Stabat Mater dolorosa [Our Lady of Sorrows]
  • Blessed Sacrament
    Adoremus / Laudate Dominum
    Adoro te devote
    Ave verum corpus
    Jesu dulcis memoria
    O salutaris hostia
    Pange lingua / Tantum ergo
  • Blessed Virgin Mary
    Alma Redemptoris Mater [Advent & Christmastide]
    Ave Maria I
    Ave Maria II
    Ave maris stella I
    Ave maris stella II
    Ave Regina cælorum [Lent]
    Regina cæli [Eastertide]
    Salve Regina [Ordinary Time]
  • Advent
    Conditor alme siderum
    Rorate coeli desuper
  • Christmas
    Ecce nomen Domini
    Puer natus in Bethlehem
    Verbum caro factum est
  • Presentation of the Lord
    Lumen ad revelationem & Nunc dimittis
  • Lent
    Attende Domine
    Ecce lignum Crucis
    Gloria laus
    Pueri Hebræorum
    Ubi caritas est vera
  • Easter
    Surrexit Dominus
  • Ascension
    Ascendit Deus
  • Pentecost
    Spiritus Paraclitus
    Veni Creator Spiritus
  • Miscellaneous
    Benedictus / Canticle of Zechariah
    Christus vincit
    Confirma hoc
    Da pacem
    Deus in adjutorium
    In manus tuas
    Miserere mihi
    Parce Domine
    Salve nos
    Te lucis ante terminum
    Te Deum [simple]
    Te Deum [Roman]
    Tu es Petrus
  • Psalms & Canticles
    Benedictus / Canticle of Zechariah [tone 2D]
    Confitemini / Psalm 118 [tone 5 solemn]
    Domini est terra / Psalm 24 [tone 1f]
    Cum invocarum / Psalm 4 [tone 8G]
    Ecce benedicite / Psalm 134 [tone 8G]
    Laudate Dominum / Psalm 117 [tone 5a]
    Laudate Dominum / Psalm 117 [tone 6f]
    Magnificat / Canticle of the Blessed Virgin Mary [tone 8G]
    Miserere mei Deus / Psalm 51 [tone 2D]
    Nunc dimittis / Canticle of Simeon [tone 8G]
    Nunc dimittis / Canticle of Simeon [tone 3a]
    Qui habitat / Psalm 91 [tone 8G]
  • Compline
  • Chants for Ite missa est

All the texts in the Liber cantualis are in Latin, the official liturgical language of the Roman Rite. All music is in neums (chant notation).

The Solesmes edition of the Liber cantualis has a handsome dark blue cover and is printed on quality ivory paper. These books, less expensive than the Graduale Romanum, Graduale Simplex or Gregorian Missal, are a great opportunity for a parish to outfit the schola with appropriate music, and to begin giving Gregorian chant its due "pride of place" in our liturgy.


Order #: 2160
Price: $22.95


- Liturgical Settings
- Advent
- Christmas
- Lent
- Triduum
- Easter
- Ordinary Time
- Chant
- a cappella
- Latin
- Unison Voices

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