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Music Suggestions
Ash Wednesday (EF)

Liturgical Music

Official texts

  • Introit:
    1. Miseréris ómnium Dómine [Liber Usualis p.525-526]
    2. Miseréris ómnium Dómine [Graduale Romanum p.87-88]
    3. Miseréris ómnium Dómine [Gregorian Missal p. 229]
    4. Miseréris ómnium Dómine (chant)
  • Gradual:
    1. Miserére méi Déus [Liber usualis, p.526-527]
    2. Miserére méi Déus [Graduale Romanum p.88]
    3. Miserére méi Déus [Gregorian Missal p. 230-231]
    4. Miserére méi Déus (chant)
    5. Miserére méi Déus by Johann Kaspar Aiblinger
  • Tract:
    1. Dómine non secúndum peccáta nóstra [Liber usualis, p.527-528]
    2. Dómine non secúndum peccáta nóstra [Graduale Romanum p.89-90]
    3. Dómine non secúndum peccáta nóstra [Gregorian Missal p. 231-232]
    4. Dómine non secúndum peccáta nóstra (chant)
    5. Dómine non secúndum peccáta nóstra by various composers
  • Offertory:
    1. Exaltábo te Dómine [Liber usualis, p.528-529]
    2. Exaltábo te Dómine [Graduale Romanum p.90]
    3. Exaltábo te Dómine [Gregorian Missal p. 236]
    4. Exaltábo te Dómine (chant)
    5. Exaltábo te Dómine by various composers
  • Communion:
    1. Qui meditábitur in lége Dómini [Liber usualis, p.529]
    2. Qui meditábitur in lége Dómini [Graduale Romanum p.90-91]
    3. Qui meditábitur in lége Dómini (chant)
  • Mass settings:
    1. Mass XVIII "Deus Genitor alme" [Liber usualis, p.62-63]
    2. Mass XVIII "Deus Genitor alme" [Graduale Romanum, p.57-58 in back of book]
    3. Mass XVIII (Deus Genitor alme)]
    4. Mass XVII

Other liturgical music


  • Again We Keep This Solemn Fast (WIII #420, HH #78, LCH #46)
  • Come, Let Us to the Lord Our God (ICEL #39, CH #243)
  • Draw Near, O Lord, Our God (PMB #48)
  • Eternal Lord of Love (HH #79)
  • God of All Mercy (HPSC #168)
  • God of Mercy and Compassion (CHB #51, CH #449)
  • Grant to Us, O Lord (PMB #147, CH #465)
  • Have Mercy, Lord, on Us (ICEL #44, WIII #753, PMB #196, HH #82, CH #250, SMH #559)
  • Hear Our Entreaties, Lord (AH #366, CH #238, ICEL #254, PMB #48, WIII #414, CHB #293)
  • I Lift My Eyes to You, O Lord (Kathleen Pluth) from Hymns for the Liturgical Year
  • Lord Jesus, As We Turn from Sin (HPSC #213, HH #63, CH #241, SMH #620)
  • Lord Jesus, Think on Me (AH #364, HH #64, CHB #53, SMH #621, EH #417, LCH #42)
  • Now Is the Healing Time Decreed (CHB #56)
  • O Lord, Your Mercy Does Extend [tune: erhalt uns Herr] from Introit Hymns #14 (Christoph Tietze)
  • O Merciful Redeemer (CH #539, CBW #484, SMH #676)
  • O Mortal Men and Women (CH #245)
  • O Sun of Justice (WIII #424, HPSC #264, HH #71)
  • Out of the Depths (CD #821, HPSC #277, CBW #488, CH #246)
  • This Is Our Accepted Time (PMB #43, SMH #793)
AH = The Adoremus Hymnal, Ignatius Press
CBW = Catholic Book of Worship II / Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops
CD = Cantate Domino / Hymnal Supplement, GIA Publications, Inc.
CH = The Collegeville Hymnal, The Liturgical Press
CHB = The Catholic Hymn Book [London Oratory], Gracewing Publishers
EH = The Hymnal 1940 (Episcopal), used by many Anglican Use Roman Catholic parishes
HH = Hymnal of the Hours, GIA Publications, Inc.
HPSC = Hymns, Psalms & Spiritual Canticles, out of print but excellent
ICEL = ICEL Resource Collection, GIA Publications, Inc.
LCH = Lumen Christi Hymnal, Illuminare Publications
PMB = People's Mass Book, World Library Publications, Inc.
SEC = Saint Edmund Campion Missal & Hymnal, Corpus Christi Watershed
SMH = The Saint Michael Hymnal – 4th Edition 2011, Saint Boniface Church, Lafayette IN
WIII = Worship, 3rd Edition, GIA Publications, Inc.

Choral Music

  • A Lenten Prayer (Antonio Salieri) [GIA Publications]
  • Attende Domine (Matthew Koraus)
  • Attende Domine (John Osterhagen)
  • Audi benigne Conditor from Hymn Trilogy II (Harry McMurray)
  • Ave Regina cælorum (Peter Latona)
  • Ave Regina cælorum (Calvert Shenk)
  • Blest Be the Man (Hans Leo Hassler) [Broude]
  • Canite tuba in Sion (Mark Siebert)
  • Create in Me, O Lord (Johannes Brahms)
  • Da nobis, Domine (Gregorian chant) [Graduale simplex, p.88]
  • Have Mercy upon Me (Thomas Tomkins)
  • Hear, O Lord from Christus (Felix Mendelssohn)
  • In jejunio et fleta (Thomas Tallis) [Oxford]
  • Inter vestibulum et altare (J.A. Perti)
  • Lenten Proclamation (James Chepponis) [GIA Publications]
  • Like As A Father (Luigi Cherubini)
  • Miserere mei Domine (Calvert Shenk)
  • O Lord, Thou Hast Searched Me (Carrie Nixon)
  • O Kind Creator (Rogers/Clark)
  • O My God, Bestow Thy Tender Mercy (G.B. Pergolesi) [Flammer]
  • O Merciful Redeemer, Hear (Chant) [Collegeville Hymnal #248]
  • Out of the Depths (F.J. Haydn) from Canons for the Church Year I [Morning Star Music Publishers]
  • Parce Domine (Gregorian chant) from Booklet of Chant, Volume 2
  • Psalm 1 (Thomas Tallis)
  • Psalm 30 (Stephen McManus)
  • Return to the Lord Your God (Schalk)
  • Vere languores (Mark Siebert)
  • Wash Me, O Lord God (G.B. Pergolesi)
  • Wohl dem, der nicht wandelt im Rat der Gottlosen, SWV 290 (Heinrich Schütz)

Organ Music

According to De musica sacra et sacra liturgia – Instruction on Sacred Music and Sacred Liturgy (September 3, 1958) —

The playing of the organ, and all other instruments is forbidden [at Liturgies] during the following times:

Lent and Passiontide, from Ash Wednesday until the hymn Gloria in excelsis Deo in the Solemn Mass of the Easter Vigil

However, the following exceptions to the rule may be made:

a) the organ may be played, and other instruments used, on holy days of obligation
b) the organ may be used on the fourth Sunday of Lent, on Thursday of Holy Week during the Mass of Chrism, and during the solemn evening Mass of the Last Supper from the beginning to the end of the hymn Gloria in excelsis Deo

Throughout the Sacred Triduum, from the midnight before Holy Thursday until the hymn Gloria in excelsis Deo of the Solemn Mass of the Easter Vigil, the organ shall remain completely silent, excepting the instance mentioned in paragraph 83b.

Psalm numbering is according to the Latin Vulgate Bible.

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