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Ceremonial for Sacred Music:
A Complete Guide to Understanding the Sacred Music
of the Extraordinary Form

- Rev. Scott A. Haynes, SJC

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  Ceremonial for Sacred Music

Format: Book (123 pages)
Edition: Softcover
Published by: The Canons Regular of Saint John Cantius

A wonderful guide for musicians at the Extraordinary Form Mass, the Ceremonial for Sacred Music describes all the rubrics, traditions and customs of liturgical music as celebrated in the 1962 Missale Romanum. This is a useful resource for choir directors and organists, as well as for priests learning to sing Mass.

In easy-to-read question-and-answer format, this handy guide offers great details on how music fits into the EF Mass. Some questions answered:

  • At what point in the liturgy should the various parts be chanted?  
  • Is it permissible for Low Mass to be celebrated with sacred music?  
  • Should the organ be used as accompaniment to the responses?

A special feature of this book is a complete chant tutorial for priests, deacons and subdeacons learning to sing the liturgy and lessons. Musical examples in square-note notation are included for every possible tone of the Orations, Epistles, Prophecies and Gospels.

Section titles include:

  1. Spirituality of Sacred Liturgical Music [a short essay]
  2. Congregational Singing
  3. The Singers
  4. The Choirmaster and the Organist
  5. Organ Compositions
  6. Music for High Mass
  7. Music for Low Mass
  8. Musis for Requiem Masses
  9. Music for Nuptial Mass
  10. Vespers
  11. Benediction
  12. Confirmation
  13. Advent
  14. Christmastide
  15. Lent, Passiontide & Holy Week
  16. Sacred Triduum
  17. Eastertide
  18. Pentecost Season
  19. Forty Hours Devotion
  20. High Mass Chart
  21. Requiem Mass Chart
  22. Solemn Benediction Chart
  23. Nuptial Mass Chart
  24. Liturgical Music Lessons for Clergy
  25. Singing the Orations
  26. Singing the Prophecy Tone
  27. Singing the Epistle Tone
  28. Singing the Holy Gospel


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