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English Chants for Holy Week and Easter


Format: Audio CD
Produced by: The Music Makers

This CD is the English complement to Exsultet. Both contain the chants for Holy Week from Palm Sunday to the Easter Vigil. While Exsultet contains the chants in their original Latin, the chants in this CD are the English translation from the Roman Missal, 3rd Edition. Hosanna is sung by Jeremy de Satgé, assisted by Patrizia Kwella.


Sleeve Notes:

From the General Instruction of the Roman Missal

The Importance of Singing

The Christian faithful who come together as one in expectation of the Lord’s coming are instructed by the Apostle Paul to sing together Psalms, hymns, and spiritual canticles (cf Col 3:16).

Singing is the sign of the heart’s joy (cf Acts 2:46). Thus Saint Augustine says rightly, ‘Singing is for one who loves’, and there is also an ancient proverb: ‘Whoever sings well prays twice over’.

Great importance should therefore be attached to the use of singing in the celebration of the Mass, with due consideration for the culture of peoples and abilities of each liturgical assembly.

However, in the choosing of the parts actually to be sung, preference is given to those that are of greater importance and especially to those which are to be sung by the Priest or the Deacon or a reader, with the people replying, or by the Priest and people together.

It has been both a privilege and a pleasure to record this CD of English-texted music for what is the most important week of the Church’s year and richest liturgically. The new English edition of the Missale Romanum encourages the liturgy to be sung.

Included here are the Gospels for Palm Sunday, Collects and Presidential Prayers, sung to solemn tone and both the shorter and longer form of the Easter Proclamation [Exsultet]. Several Prefaces have been included.

Unfortunately, it has not been possible to fit the Eucharistic Prayers on to this CD; but these may be found on the double CD And With Your Spirit, available from CNP.

It is hoped that this CD will act as an aid to all those wishing to sing the liturgy at this time, both clergy and laity alike.

Jeremy de Satgé
The Music Makers
December 2012

Track List:

Palm Sunday
  1. Hosanna to the Son of David
  2. Gospel Year A
  3. Gospel Year B
  4. Gospel Year B alternative
  5. Gospel Year C
  6. Beginning of Procession: Invitation to Process
  7. Glory and honor and praise
  8. Collect
  9. Prayer over the Offerings
  10. Preface: The Passion of the Lord
  11. Prayer after Communion
  12. Prayer over the People
Holy Thursday: Evening Mass of the Lord's Supper
  1. Collect
  2. Where true charity: Ubi caritas
  3. Prayer over the Offerings
  4. Preface: The Sacrifice and the Sacrament of Christ
  5. Prayer after Communion
Good Friday: The Celebration of the Passion of the Lord
  1. Solemn Intercessions I
  2. Solemn Intercessions II
  3. Solemn Intercessions III
  4. Solemn Intercessions IV
  5. Solemn Intercessions V
  6. Solemn Intercessions VI
  7. Solemn Intercessions VII
  8. Solemn Intercessions VIII
  9. Solemn Intercessions IX
  10. Solemn Intercessions X
  11. The Showing of the Holy Cross
  12. Faithful Cross: Crux fidelis
  13. Prayer after Communion
  14. Blessing
Easter Sunday: The Easter Vigil in the Holy Night
  1. Lucernarium
  2. Easter Proclamation [Exsultet] – longer version
  3. Easter Proclamation [Exsultet] – shorter version
  4. Gloria – intonation only
  5. Easter Alleluia
  6. Baptismal Liturgy
  7. Litany of Saints
  8. Blessing of Baptismal Water
  9. The Blessing of Water
  10. Vidi aquam – Latin
  11. Vidi aquam – English
  12. Prayer over the Offerings
  13. Preface I of Easter
  14. Prayer after Communion
  15. Solemn Blessing
  16. Easter Dismissal
Easter Sunday: at the Mass during the Day
  1. Collect
  2. Prayer over the Offerings
  3. Prayer After Communion
Extra Prayers
  1. Preface II of the Passion of the Lord


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