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Three Preludes for the Christmas Cycle

- Robert G. Farrell


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Use: Advent, Christmas
Required Resources: Organ
Optional Resources: Unison Choir
Language: English

Robert Farrell, composer-in-residence at Pittsburgh's Saint Paul Cathedral, has given us three different styles in these organ pieces for the Christmas Cycle [Advent through Christmastide].

  1. O Come, O Come, Emmanuel is a setting of the familiar tune Veni Emmanuel, using lush strings against the melody in the pedal. A solo stop sings out over the same strings during interludes.
  2. Infant Holy, Infant Lowly, tune name W Zlobie Lezy, uses an eighth-note figuration (a la Paul Manz) over the melody, also in the pedal. It concludes with a fortissimo chorale-like verse, with running eighth notes in the bass.
  3. Songs of Thankfulness and Praise features a perpetuum mobile pattern in triplets against the tune Salzburg played alternately on a solo manual and in the pedal. The triplets give way to block quarter-note chords in common time to end the piece in climactic fashion

These preludes make creative additions to the organ repertoire for this part of the liturgical year.

We have a bonus for you, though! Where the cantus firmus enters in each prelude, the composer has scored the part for optional unison choir. In essence, in addition to three creative seasonal organ pieces, you also get three very easy seasonal anthems, suitable for youth or adult choir! Only one score is needed, as the last three pages of the score are the choir part reduction for each of the three pieces. Permission is given to copy these parts for your choir!


Order #: 6014
Price: $5.95


- Organ/Instrumental
- Advent
- Christmas
- Organ
- Unison Choir

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