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Adoramus te, Christe

- Robert Boulware


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Use: General, Lent
Required Resources: 3-part choir
Language: Latin

Adoramus te, Christe is a motet that is extremely flexible and useful in a number of choral situations, from Middle School choirs with changing voices to full adult SATB ensembles.

The composer writes:

The voice ranges of Adoramus te, Christe allow a choir to achieve a balanced choral sound by combining voices of different sections (SATB) into composite sections as determined by the vocal strengths of each singer and the number of singers available.

  1. Part I [range E - E] might be sung by Soprano and Alto 1 voices.
  2. Part II [range G# - G (straddling middle C)] allows Tenor 1 and Alto 2 voices to sing the same part. This will give the tenors an opportunity to sing with a lighter voice at the top of their range. A choir which often sings SAB could use only altos on this part. Part II is scored both at actual pitch for altos and in tenor clef (treble clef an octave lower) for tenors. In middle school choirs, boys with changing voices would find Part II very singable.
  3. Part III [range low A - middle C] could be sung by Bass voices,with Tenor 2 voices, if needed.

It is important to note that the assigment of voice parts (or even individual voices) is left completely to the director, who should opt for the best possible arrangement for the voices at hand. The composer's careful ranges and the format of the score promote this exceptional flexibility.

The familiar Latin text translates:

We adore you, Christ, and we bless you;
who by your holy Cross have redeemed the world;
who for us have suffered.
Lord, have mercy on us.


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- Choral Music
- Ordinary Time
- Lent
- 3-pt Choir
- a cappella

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